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About the Agile Webmasters

Today’s “webmasters” are typically teams are teams of specialized individuals. No longer can a functional knowledge of HTML and Photoshop serve as a basis for a claim to being a full desk webmaster and modern web development requires a broad array of talent ranging from design to programming, and from server administration to search engine optimization and the most agile of webmasters need to become strong experts in their discipline, learn to wear multiple hats or both.

With a team of experienced web developers who have worn many of these hats Agile Webmasters blog aims at providing the modern webmasters with comprehensive industry news for the broad perspective needed to execute web strategy at the most competitive levels. We also plan to provide examples of best practices in web development and occasionally share some secrets we are willing to part with.

The Agile Webmasters

Nick Ashley

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Nick Ashley is a strong PHP programmer whose skills encompass a broad range of web development. He is proficient in multiple back-end languages but he is also skilled in the client-side world of markup, JavaScript and CSS.

Expert In: php, object oriented programming, JavaScript, CSS, semantic markup, database design

Interests: usability, accessibility

Robert Gentel

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Robert Gentel is a web architect whose core strengths in Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing are complimented by strengths in system architecture and algorithm design. Robert has experience wearing many of the web development hats but is most comfortable guiding web strategy with a focus on the software architecture and online marketing.

Expert In: seo, software architecture, usability, interface design, marketing, online strategies, information architecture

Interests: algorithms, programming, security, scalability, database design

Steven Levithan

Steven Levithan is a JavaScript and Regular Expressions guru who has experience with a variety of web development roles. He is currently writing a book on Regular Expressions and will join our blog as he is able.

Expert In: JavaScript, Regular Expressions

Interests: programming

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