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Google begins to integrate DoubleClick into their content network

Posted by – August 7, 2008

Google announced a number of new options for advertisers in the content network that will have a big impact on AdWords advertisers and AdSense publishers as they begin to integrate their acquisition DoubleClick into their existing ad networks.

Google completed the acquisition of the display advertising giant on March 11th, 2008 with the aim of bolstering its display advertising presence on the web. With the overwhelming majority of their revenue coming from text advertising DoubleClick’s multimedia strengths were deemed a good fit to the tune of a 3.1 billion cash acquisition offer on April 14th, 2007. Earlier this year the regulatory hurdles were cleared and Google’s advertisers are beginning to see the end result of the merging of these ad platforms. The additional options for the advertisers may compel companies who were wary of the Google content network with its legion of AdSense publishers to give the content networks a new try. Here are the options Google announced:

  • Frequency Capping: Enables advertisers to control the number of times a user sees an ad. Users will have a better experience on Google content network sites because they will no longer see the same ad over and over again.
  • Frequency Reporting: Provides insight into the number of people who have seen an ad campaign, and how many times, on average, people are seeing these ads.
  • Improved Ads Quality: Brings performance improvements within the Google content network.
  • View-Through Conversions: Enables advertisers to gain insights on how many users visited their sites after seeing an ad. This helps advertisers determine the best places to advertise so users will see more relevant ads.

Google launches Google Insights for search marketers

Posted by – August 5, 2008

Today Google Insights launched, a tool developed for AdWords advertisers to better understand trends in search terms. You can use this tool to compare the traffic for a keyword or phrase and filter by vertical (Category) and region. This is useful for search marketing professionals both for their efforts in PPC and natural results marketing. In both cases knowing the search volume is one of the most important strategic variables, after all why spend time and money on terms with less traffic than others that you can work or spend on?

In the past, Overture was the most reliable way to get free query volume information from one of the major search engines. But they have discontinued their tool and Google has been releasing more search volume data around their AdWords PPC product and now has several of the most important keyword research tools for your webmaster arsenal.

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